The structure of a scientific article must necessarily include the following essential elements:

Formulation of the problem in general form and its relation with important scientific or practical tasks.

An analysis of recent author-based research and publications that discuss this issue and how to address it. In doing so, highlight the unresolved parts of the overall problem that are being explored in the article.

Highlighting previously unresolved parts of a common problem.

Formulating the goals of the article (setting the task)

Outline of the main research material with full justification of scientific results obtained.

Conclusions from this study and further prospects in this direction.

Bibliographic list. References to the sources should be made in square brackets, indicating the page numbers according to the source: for example, [3, p. 234] or [2, p. 35; 8, p. 234]. It is issued taking into account the DSTU 8302: 2015 National Standard of Ukraine developed in 2015 «Information and documentation. Bibliographic reference. General Terms and Conditions of Assembly. "

The article should include summary and keywords in Ukrainian and English, as well as the translation of the article title into English. Annotation volume - minimum 1800 characters, number of keywords - minimum 5 words; the UDC index (in the upper left corner of the page); the heading of the journal; author's last name and initials, scientific degree, academic rank, place of work / study.

Language of publications: Ukrainian,  English.

Prohibition of using scientific works of the occupying country

It is prohibited citing and including in the reference list russian-language contributions published in any country, incl. papers written in other languages but published in russia and belarus.

Technical requirements:

Article size is 8 to 20 pages, A4 (297 x 210), 30 mm to the left, 15 mm to the right, 20 mm top and bottom, typed in Microsoft Word.

All text of the article, bibliographic list, annotations, etc. are printed in Times New Roman font, size is 14 pt, interval is one and a half.

If the article contains tables and / or illustrations, then they should be compact, have title, text font - Times New Roman, size - 12 pt. Tables and illustrations should be no larger than the page width.